Hi, I'm Travis

I was raised by a father who instilled in me the value of hard work and a do it yourself mentality. Before dabbling in hourly wage jobs I had a small car washing business, a lemonade stand and mowed lawns around my neighborhood for under-the-table spending money. Despite being stereotypical with my childhood exploits, I was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug and have harbored a passion for it ever since. Unfortunately none of my early pursuits cultivated in me a passion for mathematics, by which I mean I’m positively dreadful with numbers. The reason I mention my numerical pitfall is to highlight my most useful strength, I’m great with people. I haven’t found success through my knowledge of equations or ability to manipulate computer models, I've found it through my ability to connect with others. A highly successful man once told me that communication, in his experience, is the key to success; because what good is a brilliant idea if it can’t be articulated? So in a roundabout fashion, what I yearn for is an opportunity to connect with other people who are as excited about business, and its multitude of facets, as I am. 

I pride myself in my work, and never have I ceased doing something–whether it be a job, sport or hobby–for a lack of effort. If you made it this far into the summary, we were meant to be friends, so reach out to me!