Books and my quick thoughts...

Taking a page from Cal Newport's, So Good They Can't Ignore You, I'm trying something new, and will post a three sentence summary of the books I read followed by my three main takeaways. The briefer the better. Keeping it brief forces those details most impactful to the surface. 

I'm starting with something completely unrelated to business... 


To Your Scattered Bodies Goby Philip Jose Farmer

Genre - Syfy

Mankind is resurrected on a strange planet along a seemingly never-ending river. Against a backdrop of humans from disparate generations struggling to avoid the quintessential pitfalls of mankind, Richard Burton seeks the answer to "why?". The "Ethicals" -- evolved beings responsible for the resurrection -- are pulling the strings, but to what end is not clear. 


  1. It is mankind's curse to repeat history and the mistakes that go with it, no matter the circumstance.
  2. The mixing of different cultures is inevitable, if not painful at times, and the outcome is something new and more equitable. 
  3. A moral compass is not rooted in one single belief system.